The Acushnet Basketball program's goal is to provide the children of Acushnet and Fairhaven a solid foundation in a competitive environment, so they can improve their skills and maximize their basketball potential. Acushnet Basketball is a town league pro

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Junior Division Playoffs

Junior League Playoff games will begin on Tuesday Feb 28th and the format will be a single game elimination tourney until there are 4 undefeated teams left.  Once we are down to the 4 undefeated teams they will battle for the championship in a double elimination format.    The Seeds for the Junior division are as follows:

1. Dunkin Donuts

2. Elfs

3. Jasons Variety

4. Bristol Dental

5. Wicked Pizza

6. EJs

7. Davico

8. Lions

9. Acushnet Co

10. Jasons Leasing


Team One Team Two  Game Elimination 
Davico Jason Leasing Game 1 Single
Lions Club Acushnet Co Game 2 Single
Bristol Dental Wicked Game 3 Single
Jasons Variety Ejs Game 4 Single
Dunkin Donuts Acushnet Co Game 5 Single
Elfs Jason Leasing Game 6 Single
Elfs EJs Game 7 Double
Dunkin Donuts Wicked Pizza Game 8 Double
Elfs Dunkin Donuts Game 9 Double
EJs Wicked Pizza Game 10 Double
EJs Dunkin Donuts Game 11  Double
Wicked Pizza Dunkin Donuts Game 12 Double
If Necessary If Necessary Game 13



by Acushnet Hoops posted 02/21/2017
Senior Division Playoffs

Senior League Playoff games will begin on Tuesday Feb 28th and the format will be a 2 game elimination tourney.  The Seeds for the Senior division are as follows:

Senior Division

1. DW White

2. Acushnet Fire

3. Mass Auto

4. Fairhaven Lumber

5. Lazaro Construction

6. Vantage Realty

7. Katman Sports


Team One Team Two  Game
Fairhaven Lumber Lazaro Game 1
Firefighters Katman Game 2
Mass Auto Vantage Game 3
DW White Fairhaven Lumber Game 4
Katman Vantage Game 5
Firefighters Mass Auto Game 6
Lazaro Mass Auto Game 7
DW White Firefighters Game 8
Vantage Fairhaven Lumber Game 9
Lazaro DW White Game 10
Fairhaven Lumber DW White Game 11
Firefighters Fairhaven Lumber Game 12
Firefighters Fairhaven Lumber Game 13

by Acushnet Hoops posted 02/16/2017
Pee Wee Division Playoffs

Pee Wee Playoff games will begin on Tuesday Feb 28th and the format will be a 6 team 2 game elimination tourney.  Seeds 1 and 2 will receive a bye to the 2nd round.  The Seeds for the PEE WEE division are as follows:

Pee Wee Division


2. Burke Espinola & Van Colen Law

3. VFW

4. Shawmut Auto

5. Lebeaus

6. Lawn and Order


Team One Team Two  Game
VFW Lawn & Order Game 1
Shawmut Auto Lebeaus Game 2
Burke Espo VC Law VFW Game 3
AFCU Shawmut Auto Game 4
Lawn & Order Shawmut Auto Game 5
Lebeaus VFW Game 6
Burke Espo VC Law AFCU Game 7
Lawn and Order Lebeaus Game 8
Burke Espo VC Law Lebeaus Game 9
AFCU Lebeaus Game 10
AFCU Lebeaus Game 11

by posted 02/14/2017
Check out the App!


All of our Acushnet Basketball teams are now accessible on the SI Play Mobile App. SI Play is a free app within your phone’s app store or Google play store. Once you download the app and log in, you just select the teams and players you want to track through the season.

Steps to Download and Login to the App

  1. Click one of the buttons below, or search SI Play in your phones app store.
  2. Download the app to your phone.
  3. Use your Acushnet Basketball registration credentials to login*


by Acushnet Hoops posted 10/04/2016
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