The Acushnet Basketball program's goal is to provide the children of Acushnet and Fairhaven a solid foundation in a competitive environment, so they can improve their skills and maximize their basketball potential. Acushnet Basketball is a town league pro

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General Boys League Rules are as follows:

Games will consist of four (4) seven (7) minute quarters with a running clock on all out bounds plays, except the last 2 minutes of the 2nd quarter, 4th quarter & overtime.) *Clock stops on all Foul Shots and timeouts


Each team will have 2 time outs per half, and 1 in Overtime. *no carryovers

Bonus begins on 7th Team Foul in each half.  Double Bonus begins on 10th Team Foul in each half.

Player fouls out with 5 fouls. (Technical Fouls count as personal fouls)

Pee Wee and Junior League will use a 28.5 Ball; Senior League will use a regulation 29.5 ball.

3 pointers count - All Division

Mandatory Man to Man Defense in the Pee Wee Division.  Pee Wee Teams must play man to man Defense. Double teaming on the ball is only allowed inside the three point arc.  Double teaming outside the three point arc and zone defenses are allowed the last two minutes of the 2nd quarter, last two minutes of the 4th quarter and all overtimes. First violation will be a warning, second violation and subsequent violations will result in a team technical foul.

Minimum league playing time requirement and playing time restrictions are as follows:  Every player must sit 1 entire continuous quarter per game.  Every player must play 1 entire continuous quarter per game.  Any violation of this rule will result in a forfeit.  Any violation of this rule where as a player is injured and cannot play an entire quarter will be ruled on by the Boys Basketball Director.  NOTE - If one of the teams playing has less than 8 players at tip-off the mandatory rule to sit one quarter is waived for that game

PEE WEE Division Foul shooting: 

  • Players are allowed to jump over the line during a foul shot.

  • Players may not run or jump over the line and then shoot. 

  • Going over or touching the line should be in the act of the shot, meaning it should take place after the shot is released or close to the shot being released.

  • Players may not jump over the line and use it to their advantage to gain a rebound off of a miss.

  • Back court defense

  • Pee Wee – Allowed last 2 minutes of game & overtime only.

  • Junior – Allowed 2nd half & overtime only.

  • Senior - Allowed whole game

  • Leading team can NOT press when up by 15 points.

  • Backcourt Defense Violation – 1st warning, 2nd technical foul